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Enlist in the HGR Army now and start your own legendary journey. Join the Gunslingers to get an HGR tag of your own!

Then, please go to the Rules of Engagement page, read the Club and League Rules. And complete the Race Etiquette quiz. Also, remember to add HGR GHOST on Xbox and request to be added to the invite list.

  • Rifleman

    Club Associate.
    Free Plan
    • Invited to qualify for most races as seats are available.
    • Invite to club group chat and social media.
    • Seats are not guaranteed. First come first served.
    • Limited points and championship eligibility.
  • Gunslinger

    Annual Club Membership.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Receive first call invites for all races.
    • Eligible for championship points and trophies.
    • Invite to club chat and social media.
    • Tuning, painting and driving tips.
    • Invites to club testing and training sessions.
    • HGR Tag eligible after 3 mos.
    • Get a free key chain or mug from the HGR Armory.
    • Receive 10% off all products in the HGR Armory.
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