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The Silver Bullet Challenge


Silver Bullet Challenge

The challenge begins every Sunday. A new car and track set will be opened at 6pm pst.

Every driver must use the assigned tune for the car and track of the week. You may run unlimited laps.

This is a gentleman's agreement. It is easy to cheat the tune requirement. DON'T!

Submit your times via a screenshot with your time to the HGR Shooting Range by 6 pm pst on Saturday.

Drivers will receive points based on their lap times, with the fastest driver receiving 25 points, and each subsequent driver receiving 1 less point. Finishing outside the top 25 will receive no points. 

Failing to submit your lap on time or failing to use the proper tune will result in a Did Not Submit (DNS).

All cars, and all tracks in any combination are permitted in rotation. Use your imagination for your picks!

The Silver Bullet Challenge is a subscription only event. This is a hot lap challenge event where participants rotate turns picking the car, track, and tune combo. Call out the club with your favorite car at your best track and in your favorite tune. Rise to the challenge and set your best time in someone else's preferred setup. Every week is a new drivers fever dream, and a new challenge to meet. Earn points for finishing order at the end of the week. Every two months, the driver with the most points will receive a Silver Bullet*. At the end of the year, the driver with the most wins will receive a special Sharpshooter award. Must participate for a minimum of six months to be eligible for the annual award. 


To qualify, go to the subscriptions page and sign up for the Silver Bullet Challenge. Add and send HGR Ghost a request to join the challenge on Xbox. Then, set your best time at the current weekly trackset and submit your time before the deadline. Once you sign up, you will be added to the Shooting Range group chat and put in the pick rotation. You will be alerted when it's your turn to set the challenge. You may join any series in progress, however it may be one or more series before your turn is up for picking a combo. Picks are assigned in order of subscriptions, first come first served. Click here to subscribe now.


*Note: The prize is not an actual Silver bullet. It is an inert de-milled bullet turned into a keychain. If you live in a location with restrictions on ammunition, or you are prohibited from possessing ammunition, an alternative prize can be provided for an additional cost to cover shipping. Please research your local laws before subscribing.

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