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Hired Gun Racing was founded in 2019 by a group of friends that had two things in common, the love racing and being veterans of the armed forces. After racing together for nearly a decade, they decided to form a new kind of club. One that emphasized racing above all else. But grounded in the principles of gentleman's competition.

Wishing to expand our skills beyond our comfort zones, we developed a series based on the idea of racing anything on wheels. A series where each week the action got faster and more competitive. Culminating in a crescendo of speed in the fastest cars on the planet. Beginning with E class and ending in X, we called it the King of Class Warfare. 

In addition to the unique challenge of the KoCW, we also raced other fixed classes such as NASCAR, Indycar, GT and the crowd favorite, the MX-5 Cup. Each series offered a trophy from our store. A mug, a t-shirt, or a hoodie. The goal was to offer a real world prize to make the hobby we all love more tangible and meaningful. 

In the years since, we have given away dozens of trophies. Some have been won by first time participants. Hired Gun Racing has been going strong since 2019. We have no plans to go anywhere. We still have plenty of unique races in store. Got what it takes to win the crown? Want to win a trophy of your very own?

Every journey begins with a single step. Start your path to your own legend. Join the Hired Gun Army today and show the world your a true Gunslinger.


Hired Gun Racing is dedicated to clean and respectful competition. We expect all members, prospective members and league contestants to conduct themselves with honor and integrity at all times. Ramming, wrecking, dumping or any otherwise unsporting behavior will result in swift and harsh penalties. While we encourage hard racing and understand trading paint is part of it. Everyone should know the difference between wheel to wheel combat and unnecessary, avoidable or negligent contact.

Track limits are not a suggestion. They are meant to define the arena for fair competition. Recognizing that pushing hard means abusing the occasional apex, or running wide trying to use all of the road. Keeping within the defined track is an absolute requirement. All drivers should make every reasonable effort to remain within the limits at all times. 

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