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Hired Gun Racing is dedicated to clean and respectful competition. We expect all members, prospective members and league contestants to conduct themselves with honor and integrity at all times. Ramming, wrecking, dumping or any otherwise unsporting behavior will result in swift and harsh penalties. While we encourage hard racing and understand trading paint is part of it. Everyone should know the difference between wheel to wheel combat and unnecessary, avoidable or negligent contact.

Track limits are not a suggestion. They are meant to define the arena for fair competition. Recognizing that pushing hard means abusing the occasional apex, or running wide trying to use all of the road. Keeping within the defined track is an absolute requirement. All drivers should make every reasonable effort to remain within the limits at all times. 


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Every Thursday at 5pm EST 10pm UTC the previous weeks hot lap ends and the new week begins. A new track and car division will be posted shortly thereafter. The leaderboards will be updated within 1-5 hours after the event has ended. There may be times due to unforeseen circumstances that these updates may be delayed. If this were to occur, check over at The Forza Hot Lap group on Facebook for details


Long before there were government programs, which do little to help those in need, and even organized religious groups, which may often do good, we've had our community. Neighbors helping neighbors, friends helping friends. Nobody ever achieved anything without the support of others.

While we are not sponsored by or affiliated with any organization in any way, we find certain charitable entities do incredible things for a lot of people. These are by no means the only good charitable causes out there. However, these have a particular meaning to us. We'd like to invite you to consider making a small donation, if not here, then to the charity of your choice. We do not receive any proceeds as part of your donation.

But if you'd like to help support us, please visit our store and pick up a cool shirt, hoodie, sticker or more! You can also donate directly to our team fund via PayPal below. Our goal is to award one lucky winner a Traxxas R/C car kit as a grand prize. It could be you! We can't do it without your help. Without support of the individuals, the community will collapse. Without support of the community, the individuals cannot survive.

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