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Sadly, and yet excitedly, we have reached the end of our combat tour on Forza Motorsport 7. Our sincerest gratitude for all who have raced, watched and supported us for all these years. We look forward to many more in the next chapter. And especially Turn 10 for creating such an amazing place for us to gather and do battle. The fight continues on Forza Motorsport! See you there. Mine will be the tail lights in the distance, fading...
(All times Pacific. Open practice begins at 7 pm.)
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weekly every Sunday.

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Proudly Made Possible by

Trident Tyre Center was founded in the early 1980's by two lifelong friends with a dream. They were committed to owning and running a business with a vital service for and with their community. In the spirit of that commitment, they hired local and partnered with their employee's to meet the needs of the amazing people of Mt Gambier, South Australia and abroad. This led to such success that they soon outgrew their first small shop on Railway Terrace and have since opened two more locations in Naracoorte and Portland. From a humble staff of 4, to a formidable force over 40. We, the HGR Team, recognize and salute their mission and are proud to have them as a partner. 

Images taken from actual HGR races.

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