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Tyre Center in Mount Gambier, SA

Special thanks to our sponsor!


The Silver Bullet Challenge is on! If you're a hot lapper at heart, this challenge is for you. Run unlimited laps in a new car/track/tune each week. Earn points based on your lap time and evey 8 weeks, the winner gets a Bullet Keychain! This is a subscription only series. Sign up today and don't miss out on your chance to win that and even more!


If you haven't added
HGR GHOST on XBOX and requested to be included to the invite list. Please do so now.
MX-5 Cup @ VIR North
Friday Feb 23rd at 7 pm pst

GTX Sportcars @ Yas Marina North
Saturday Feb 24th at 7pm pst

Must be a club member and registered to earn points!
Not a member? Join now and create your account for free!

Registration is now open for the upcoming series! Make sure you add HGR GHOST on Xbox and message a request for an invite.

Otherwise, come find us in the public hoppers.

Or check out some of our videos here.

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Screenshot 2023-11-22 15.19_edited.png


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