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Club Rules

Last updated 10/10/23

Note: Rules are subject to change and may be amended at anytime. All rule changes will be proactively applied and may not be used to alter the outcome of any previously completed event. Please take a moment to sign and acknowledge the rules down below. Participation in any event implies acceptance and agreement to the rules. 

Track Limits:

Track limits are strictly enforced! Whether it be a league championship, or a public lobby. Even if every driver in the room is inventing new and exciting racing lines, way off the track. If you cut the track, you will be cut from this club. Understanding that hard racing means pushing the limits and will result in the occasional off or abusing an apex. All drivers should make every reasonable effort to maintain their vehicle within track limits at all times. No exceptions.

Racing Etiquette:

DO NOT WRECK YOUR TEAMMATES! Wrecking teammates, particularly in public lobbies, should be avoided at all costs. Treat everyone as a teammate. Do not assume all contacts hostile. In the heat of the battle, we sometimes take a mistake as an act of aggression. Keep in mind the average player in public lobbies is going to be someone just learning or who knows little about racing etiquette. We all started somewhere. And none of us are the racing gods we pretend to be. Retaliation should be avoided unless an individual has proven to be too disruptive to the lobby and can not be voted out. If possible/necessary, find/create a new lobby.

Friends and Invites:

All members are encouraged to invite friends to join the club and participate in club events. However, all new members must complete a probationary period. Any unsporting behavior will not be tolerated and may result in exclusion. Sharpshooter and Sniper level members may sponsor friends to be points eligible. 


We ask for all participants to respect this club and behold certain principles sacred. Chats are a place where one should feel free to state and challenge ideas and opinions. Debate is necessary to the free exchange of ideas. We encourage you to participate, respectfully, in any discussion. Your thoughts and opinions are valid to you for good reason. Proudly share them and change minds. Expect for disagreement, welcome the challenge and rise to it. But remember, there is a difference between calling one's ideas foolish, and calling one a fool.

We like to run a relaxed environment. To that end, smack talk (beyond friendly banter), angry or abusive outbursts, threats, racist or otherwise offensive voice or written communications are not tolerated. If you have an issue with an individual, feel free to address them directly, offline, in private. Or suck it up and keep it to yourself. If you must, you may ask for mediation from club leadership. 

During open practices or public lobby races, you may feel free to discuss anything you wish. We support free speech and highly encourage discourse. However, once the race briefing starts in league races, please keep all chatter to a minimum and race related only. Absolutely no politics or divisive discussion during races. We all have opinions. And we're happy to hear them and tell you why you're wrong. At the appropriate time.

League Rules

Club Rules

Hired Gun Racing runs various league events. While specific formats may apply for certain events. All Hired Gun Racing series will follow the same basic rules.

Part Time or Non Championship Participants:

This is a competitive league. It is our goal to keep the environment friendly and enjoyable. But we also understand that some will take great pride in their accomplishment. And we seek to encourage all competitors to give 100%. With that in mind, please understand that most of us put in many hours of preparation and effort to get our best finish possible. As a part timer, you are a hindrance and can have a severe negative impact on that work.

Please be respectful of that effort and ensure you race clean and fair. You are taking points from someone who has put in hundreds of laps in the weeks leading up to this race. While no one wants you to give positions away, we also do not expect desperate lunges or hyper aggressive overtakes. Be mindful of the fact that to you, this race is just one of many. But to the guys fighting for a trophy, this is make or break.

Practice Sessions:

Open practice sessions can be held by any member through out the week. These sessions can be managed by anyone and it is their choice as to how to conduct. Though it is strongly encouraged to do so via Meetup. However, each race event shall begin with an open practice session conducted via a meetup only. This is to replicate an open practice session in which teams can enter the track or garage at will with minimal disruptions to others and maximize time available.


Qualifying will begin following practice and will consist of either a Hero Lap (up to 2 solo flying laps) for ovals or up to 3 flying laps for circuits. All drivers will qualify on circuits simultaneously and the field will be ghosted.

Race Format: Circuits

Races will be approximately 1 hour in length. A competition caution may be called at the halfway point. Any driver not on the lead lap may go around and get 1 lap back. Each driver must use 2 tire compounds during each race, and must begin the race with 50% fuel. You may choose which tire compound to start the race. Exceptions; in the event of a wet race, tire changes are optional. 

Up to ten (10) points are awarded based per race and five (5) for qualifying. Only the top 10 finishers will score points in each race and only the top 5 in qualifying. Race grids will be set inverse from qualifying order. Pit stops may be required.

Race Format: Ovals

Oval races will be one (1) hour long with two (2) cautions at set intervals. Pits are open at all times. Drivers up to two (2) laps down may get back on the lead lap under caution. Any driver more than two (2) laps down, may get up to two (2) laps back under each caution. There will be no cautions other than as prescribed. Pitstops will be organic as needed.

Event Format: Horizon Series'

Horizon races will be exempt from the regular rules. As Horizon awards drivers for finding unique racing lines, and off road racing in general sees a much less strict policy towards contact. We will not discourage, nor penalize drivers for their creativity or aggression. This is a big boy arena, make sure you got your pants on when you show up. There will be no mercy.

Pitstops and Damage Settings:

Some series may include quickstops or use the fuel and tire settings. As there are no cautions, there are no restrictions on pitstops. Drivers may stop at will during any part of the race, save for the last lap as the system will disqualify the driver automatically. All races will feature either cosmetic only or fuel and tires. Simulation damage is not used due to the potential for a driver to be stranded on track and create a hazard. Please ensure you do not enable this on your personal settings. You may become a hazard, or receive damage which dramatically affects your pace and race performance.  


For many drivers, preparation and tuning in the week leading up to the race is part of the challenge and a very enjoyable portion of the racing experience. For others, tuning is a mystical skill requiring potions and live animal sacrifices and they want no part of it. As a compromise and to provide the fairest competition possible. All drivers must use a shared tune, or share the tune upon request. You are allowed, and highly encouraged to build your own tune. But it must be shared. There will be no excuses for not using the best tune available. 

Forza Regulations:

The Forza Regulation system will be set to 'Sport". In special circumstances, we may run 'Expert Rules'. In the events that we use sim damage, the driver must remove a damaged vehicle off the racing line and not impede other drivers, or off the racing surface if unable to return to the pits. Any damaged vehicle abandoned on the racing surface, or otherwise interfering with racing, may incur penalties.

Weather and Night Races:

Race times and conditions may be random or variable. Some races will be locked to daylight only, however weather is a part of racing and we will use it.

Cautions, False Starts and DNFs:

There will be no cautions. If a driver takes another driver out, the offending driver may be penalized, but racing continues. If a driver has a network failure, controller disconnect, battery depletion or any other in race issue preventing completion of the full race distance. It will be treated as a mechanical failure DNF.

In cases where there is a failure to load, i.e. extended black loading screen. The race is declared a false start and will be restarted. All drivers will hold at the line until all drivers are loaded and the last place driver will do a countdown start. In the event one or more drivers has a game audio or controller failure, or other unforeseeable failure, we will make one (1) attempt at a full restart. A second failure will be considered a mechanical failure and the driver(s) affected will have the option of continuing or taking a DNF.

Points and Bonus Points:

There are ten (10) points awarded for the overall race win, decreasing by one (1) for each subsequent position. Only the top 10 finishers will be awarded points.

The pole winner for each tier will receive five (5) bonus points with each subsequent finisher receiving one (1) less. Sixth (6th) or lower in qualifying will receive 0 points.


Any incident resulting in a driver being forced or knocked off track is expected to be owned by the offending driver and they MUST return the position as soon as reasonably possible without affecting other competitors. You know you did wrong, take responsibility and earn respect. Failing to do so may result in a request for review. Any competitor wishing to file a request for review must do so within 24 hours after completion of the race, and must include video evidence from both drivers perspectives. It is your responsibility to provide your own evidence. Evidence should be reported directly to the assigned stewards. However, stewards may include additional evidence at their own discretion and discovery. 

Penalties shall be assessed as; Five (5) seconds for excessively failing to maintain reasonable track limits, or incidental contact resulting in a driver being forced off track and not returning the position. Ten (10) seconds for excessively failing to maintain track limits and gaining a lasting advantage or for negligent contact resulting in a driver being forced off track and not returning the position. Any significantly egregious violations may result in further penalties including disqualification, suspension or termination as determined by club management.

Filing a request for a review automatically subjects both parties to review and potential penalties. It is not necessary or recommended for the complainant to notify or provide evidence to the reported party. However, race stewards will notify club leadership and the party being reviewed of the complaint and their recommendations.


Parties under review will be afforded the opportunity to present counter evidence and make a defending statement. Stewards may take up to 48 hours to make a decision and will notify the club. The club will post the decision to club chat after both parties have been notified and afforded the opportunity to request a secondary review. Drivers have 24 hours after notification to request an additional review.

Any driver using an unshared tune in any race may face up to a three (3) place grid penalty for the first offence, five (5) for the second and disqualified for the third. No driver will be penalized without legitimate complaint. Just because they beat you doesn't mean you get to penalize them. Especially for an honest mistake. There will need to be a clear performance distinction between the offending driver and the bulk of the field.


Two (2) Stewards will be selected from the field in the event of complaint and are expected to act as neutral third parties, regardless of the competitor being reviewed. All competitors may serve in steward rotation. All steward decisions are recommendations and will be delivered by and subject to club approval. The club retains the sole right to suspend, impose, increase, or decrease, any and all penalties at our discretion. Any driver wishing to appeal a decision may request a secondary review from an agreed to club mediator. Secondary review decisions are final and must be accepted by all parties. 

Driver Discipline:

The absolute last thing we want to do is hand out penalties. Nobody likes a hall monitor and we don't want the job. But you animals go wild every now and then and we need a way to contain it, fairly. We have a zero tolerance policy for any shenanigans. If you become a disruption due to your actions, you may be warned, penalized, or booted.


Some Hired Gun Racing leagues and events may offer a physical trophy or prize. Prizes will be subject to club funding available. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, only paid subscribers or sponsored drivers will be eligible to receive championship points


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