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Hired Gun Racing is proud to announce our 2nd annual charity race on December 10th! This year, we are raising money for Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots is an incredible organization that believes every child deserves a Christmas gift from Santa! They specialize in collecting and distributing new, unwrapped gifts to low income households. In collaboration with the United States Marine Corps, they ensure thousands of children wake up on Christmas morning and have presents to open. Help us support this incredible mission to bring joy to a child's heart this year! All donations are welcome. Please note Toys for Tots when making donations.


We are excited to bring you a unique challenge for this years charity event. The format will feature a head to head bracket eliminator, with a final four shootout. A 15 minute qualifier will set the field. Run in meetup, the checkered flag waves at 15 minute mark, flying laps will count. Each driver must set a target lap time in qualification. They must not improve on this target during any lap in any race by more than 2 tenths. Doing so will result in a penalty calculated as the lap time difference added per racing lap. For example, a lap time of 62.357 in qualification and a lap time of 61.979 in race (a difference of .378 seconds) would result in a 1.134 second penalty over a 3 lap race. 

Each driver will be bracketed based on qualifying order with the top qualifier facing off against the bottom qualifier. The underdog in every race will be given a head start equal to the qualifying difference per racing lap. For example, the favorite qualifier ran a 58.266 and the underdog ran a 61.754 (a difference of 3.488 seconds), the underdog will be granted a 10.5 second head start for a 3 lap race. (3x3.488=10.464)

Tournament will run as a double eliminator event. Any driver eliminated will automatically be entered into the last chance qualifier. The LCQ will be a heat race free for all with all eliminated drivers. A delay of 1 second per car will be implemented. As always, all grids are reversed. Top two finishers will advance to the final four.

Race class and track for this year will be Forza P2 featuring the Daytona Prototypes! The races will be held at VIR North. Race conditions will be daytime and dry in order to keep a level playing field. Each heads up race will consist of 3 racing laps. The LCQ will consist of 5 lap heat race. The final four shootout will feature 8 laps.

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